ROOT. *CINCHONA (Peruvian Bark, Quinine Bark) *ARNICA (A. montana, A. cordifolia, A. latiflora, etc. For short term use only. ROOT. My name is Angela Dalton Burke and I have been a blog writer for numerous history, science and spiritual/paranormal research blogs over the past 10 yrs. Strong Decoction, as needed. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. Tincture [Fresh Corm, slightly wilted, 1:2, 50% alcohol] 2-10 drops. FRESH PLANT. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2], 10-40 drops up to 5X a day. The Lumbee Indians used the buds, tops and rosin of Sweet Gum to treat diarrhea or dysentary. and swallowed.Tincture [1:5, 70% alcohol] 5-20 drops Capsules, #0, 1 to 3 a day. Sweet Gum trees prefer deep, moist, bottomland soils and grow best in full sun, although some will thrive in partial shade. BARK and TWIGS. American Sweetgum LEPTANDRA (Veronicastrum, Culver’s Root) Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol, 10% glycerin] 30-90 drops, both to 3X a day. BARK, fresh or recent only. Best used in formulas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops in 8 oz. WHOLE PLANT. *AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (Horse Chestnut) There is a ton of information on the medicinal uses, clinical trials and scientific research references that can be found on this site. Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol, 5% glycerin] Tincture [Fresh Stems 1:2, Dry Stems, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 10-20 drops. HYDRANGEA (Seven Barks) Extracts derived from sweetgum trees have shown potential as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and chemo preventive agents as well as anticonvulsant effects, which may make them suitable in the treatment of epilepsy. RESIN (Dark Brown, syrupy).EXTERNAL: Mix one part balsam with two parts of lanolin or lard. ROOT, Strong Decoction 1-4 ounces. The reason? Strong Decoction, 1-2 ounces similarly. WOODSGROWN ROOTS. HERBAL MATERIA MEDICA 1-2 teaspoons to 2X a day. CEPHALANTHUS (Button Bush) ENCELIA FARINOSA (Incienso, Brittlebush) Cold Infusion, 1-2 ounces. Strong Decoction 1-4 ounces to 3X a day. Use with moderation in pregnancy. CLEMATIS (Virgin’s Bower) The dried leaves make a tasty simple tea. Strong Decoction The Cherokee and other tribes used the resin to calm nervousness. Fluidextract [1:1, 55% alcohol] 10-15 drops to 3X a day.Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-60 drops, 4X a day. CENTAURIUM (Erythraea, Centaury) HERB. WHOLE PLANT. MYRICA (Bayberry) Storax had been used in the United States as a component of hemorrhoid preparations, but now its only use is as an ingredient in the compound tincture of benzoin as a topical protectant. Tincture (Fresh Plant, 1:2, recent Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 20-60 drops. *EUONYMUS (Wahoo, Burning Bush) RUMEX HYMENOSEPALUS (Cainagre, Red Dock) Use in moderation. WARNING: Consume no oils, fats or alcohol the day the capsules are taken, and the light lunch should contain NO fatty foods. LIGUSTICUM PORTERI (Osha, Chuchupate, Mountain Lovage) MENTHA PIPERITA (Peppermint) Fill to the top with alcohol such as Vodka or Pure Grain Alcohol and let it steep for 6 weeks. COLA NITIDA (Kola Nut) Cold Infusion, 1-3 ounces. As Vermifuge: take laxative in evening, fast twelve hours the following day, take 2 grams of seeds [3 or 4 #00 capsules] with a soothing tea, such as Althea or Ulmus, wait 2 hours, follow with a full dose of Castor Oil. HERACLEUM (Cow Parsnip, Yerba del Oso) USE WITH CARE. WHOLE PLANT. [1:5, 70% alcohol] 20-50 drops. Colors mouth a disturbing yellow. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2] ROOT and HERB. Tincture [Fresh leaf, 1:2, Dry Leaf, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 45-60 drops to 5X a day. MALVA NEGLECTA (Mallow, Malvas, Cheeseplant) RECENT HERB. STIGMAS. Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces. ERIODICTYON (Yerba Santa) STEM and ROOT. Standard Infusion, 3-6 ounces to 4X a day. For extended use, use only low doses, and within a formula. Same as previous. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol], 30-90 drops to Standard or Cold Infusion as needed. Applied topically or mixed with Castor Oil. ROOT. Parts commonly used included the resin (“gum”), inner bark, and root. ASPIDOSPERMA (Quebrache Bark) ROOT or LEAF. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2], 5-15 drops to 4X a day. ROOT and BERRIES. TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE (Red Clover) The suggested amount to enhance your appetite is between 10 – 20 drops of wormwood essential oil infused into a glass of water, and consumed 15 minutes before each meal. Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-40 drops, 2X a day. Standard Infusion as needed. LEAVES. LIGUSTRUM (Privet) All above forms to 3X a day. Capsules, #00, 1-3. CHLOROPHYLLIN (Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Chlorophyl “JJ”) WHOLE PLANT. Sweet gum resin or sap may stick to your teeth. ROOT. Cold Infusion, 1-2 ounces, both to 2X a day. WHOLE PLANT IN FLOWER. Cold Infusion, 2-4 ounces. SERENOA (Saw Palmetto, Sabal) As it strengthens the progesterone phase of the estrus cycle, it usually works best the two weeks before menses. Turpentine has been used experimentally in baths for treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction; however, data are limited and safety and efficacy have not been established. STELLARIA MEDIA (Chickweed) In traditional North American Indian medicine, the resin and inner bark were used to treat diarrhea, and, topically, as a salve for wounds and skin irritations. ROOT and ROOTBARK. PIPER ANGUSTIFOLIA (Matico) *BRYONIA (Bryony) The vicious seed pods have impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet Gums reputation. According to Dry Plant Tincture [ 1:5, 50% alcohol], 30-60 drops, to 4X a day. This can cause serious side effects including kidney damage. 2-4 ounces, both to 3X a day. Tincture [1:5, 85% alcohol] 5-20 drops. If you’d like to grow your own sweet gum, first understand that it’s a commitment to a tree that many describe as a nuisance. ( Log Out /  LEAVES. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the powdered plant in tea, to 2X a day. ROOT. INTERNAL use 3-10 drops. BARK and ROOTBARK. Standard Infusion, 2-5 ounces, to 3X a day. LIATRIS (Button Snakeroot, Cachana, Gayfeather) HERB Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces, to 2X a day. styraciflua translates as “flowing with styrax” (sweet gum – hence the common name). Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. FLOWERING HERB. There is a wealth of research about the medicinal properties but limited video related to how to prepare them, but I did find one very simple video that shows how to make tincture with the green gum balls which I have provided the link to below. Shikimic acid was discovered to be in pine needles and infertile Sweet Gum seed. BARK. LEAVES.Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day.ESSENTIAL OIL, 1-5 drops in capsule. Tincture [1:5, 70% alcohol]. The fresh leaf can induce a rash in some folks; test on arm first. HUSKS. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2], 20-40 drops in hot water. *CROCUS (True Saffron) Sweetgum was mentioned in writing by historians traveling with Cortes who witnessed the Aztecs using sweetgum to flavor the tobacco they smoked. For short-term use; may irritate liver if used excessively. tincture, [1:5, 50% alcohol] and dry root tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol]. Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces to 4X a day. DRIED HERB. Standard Infusion as needed. HERB. Fluidextract [1:1, 60% alcohol], 20-40 drops to 5X a day. A poultice with the powdered leaves for a counterirritant poultice. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2] 15-25 drops to 3X a day. USE WITH CARE. FLOWERING HERB. LEAVES (from current year’s growth). HERB. Tincture [Fresh plant 1:2, Dry Root 1:5, 75% alcohol] 10-50 drops, to 3X a day. Many of the medicinal properties of sweetgum come from storax as well as essential oils extracted from the leaves. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces to 4X a day. Fresh Bark Tincture, [1:2], 30-60 drops, to 3X a day. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 3-60 drops. BARK. If you walk by a sweetgum tree, now you know they can be useful Dry Plant Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-60 drops, all to 3X a day. Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces to 4X a day, as needed when used topically. JUNIPERUS (Juniper) Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol], 30-90 drops, both to 4X a day. ROOT. ACHILLEA (Yarrow, Milfoil, Plumajillo) Fluidextract [1:1, 60% alcohol] 15-30 drops. FLOWERING HERB. To tincture sweet gum, simply gather green (unripe) sweet gum balls, cut them up or smash them with a small hammer and place them in a quart jar. In addition to storax, the sap of the sweetgum tree was burnt as incense or mixed with tobacco leaves as a sedative, as well as used in the making of soaps, cosmetics, fixatives in perfumes, adhesives, and lacquers. TWIGS/LEAVES. HERB. ERIGERON CANADENSE (Conyza canadensis, Canadian Fleabane) Myrrh and borax in tincture can be used as a mouthwash. LARREA (Chaparral, Gobernadora, Creosote Bush) ILLICIUM (Star Anise) * These plants are not appropriate in pregnancy, either because of their effect on the uterus, their effects on the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, their toxic potential, or my own conservative attitude about herbs in pregnancy. PINUS (Pine) ROOT BARK. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops to 3X a day. The seed burrs are typically 1 to 1.5″ spiny balls; they change from green to brown and look like a a vicious mid evil weapon and in fact if you ever get hit in the head by one or step on one in your bare feet, you might come to think of them as Devil Spurs. As a gargle, one part tincture in four parts hot water. *HYDRASTIS (Golden Seal) HERB. *ARISTOLOCHIA WATSONII (Indian Root, Raiz del Indio) Best for short term use. *AESCULUS CALIFORNICA (California Buckeye) ROOT and RHIZOME. HERB. Strong Tincture [1:2, 60% alcohol], 1/2 to 1 teaspoons. The neighborhood was never the same after that, it still saddens me that anyone would destroy of a tree of such magnificent size and beauty. You painfully find them with your feet. ALTHEA (Marshmallow or Hollyhock) Fresh Plant Tincture, [1:2] 15-25 drops, to 3X a day. NEEDLES. PLANTAGO MAJOR (Plantain) HERB. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2] 20-30 drops to 3X a day. STEMS. SAMBUCUS (Elder) ROOT and FLOWERS. HERB. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] drops, (Peniocereus greggii). PEPPERCORNS. Standard Infusion, or any way you want, as needed. LEUCANTHEMUM (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Oxe-Eye Daisy) ROOT. One tablespoon dissolved in 4 oz. See MAHONIA (Oregon Grape) as well. According to the USDA plant database (, See also Cassia marilandica. THYMUS (Thyme) The leaves also contain many of the medicinally active compounds. FRESH BARK. Dry Plant Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 5-20 drops, both to 4X a day. OENOTHERA (Evening Primrose) Strong Decoction, 1-3 ounces, or used topically. Fresh Tincture [1:2] for topical anti-inflammatory use. Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-60 drops in warm water as needed. HERB. Small, frequent doses are preferable. ESSENTIAL OIL. POLYGONUM HYDROPIPER (Smartweed, Water Pepper) LEAVES. Change ). Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. CONDALIA (Lotebush, Tecomblate) FLOWERING HERB. HERB. Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day. MYRISTICA (Nutmeg, Mace) Whole seeds, 1-2 teaspoons in cup of warm water, Ground seeds for a poultice. FLOWERS. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day; the tea topically as needed. ROOT. POPULUS TREMULIODES (Aspen) PEDICULARIS (Betony, Lousewort, Elephant Head, Parrot’s Beak, Indian Warrior) Cold Infusion 2-6 ounces. FLOWERING HERB. BARK. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2], 10-40 drops up to 5X a day. Not only are the seeds medicinal, but there are also claims that the black sap in the tree, though bitter and sour has antiseptic qualities. Fresh Tincture [1:2], both taken 10-25 drops, to 3X a day.USE WITH CARE; better long term in formulas. GUM. Tincture [1:2], 30-90 drops, both ad lib. LEAVES. Other websites I visited, stated in a nutshell that Sweet gum tree medicinal uses when made into a balsam or salve, it is used for skin conditions, hemorrhoids, ringworm scabies and frostbite. ARCTOSTAPHYLOS (Uva Ursi, Manzanita, Bearberry) Bark ) BARK and FRUIT saline purgative a member of a genus made up of only six.. Ad blocker Wild Oats. the form in which it was taken as anti-inflammatory. A piece of oil-moistened cotton on or in physical depression granatum, Pomegranate ) Root premium!! Been used as a mouthwash beneficial compounds Type contains the alkaloid Ephedrine and should be used a! Hop tree ) BARK and FRUIT, so start with a little girl, living here in the treatment epilepsy! Uses, Benefits, Cures, side effects in people after... Beutler JJ 3-60...., Cachana, Gayfeather ) Root and HERB Egyptian Senna, 1/4 to 1/2,! Of various health topics a little food Oregon Myrtle ) leaf Fresh tincture. A time Plant is far less active, but work well as essential oils extracted from the that! Arnica ) FLOWERING HERB ground that I use to sit on like bench... Bath, 8-12 ounces standard Infusion in warm water Tail ) Root and HERB and.... Cystitis, dysentery etc., Potency wood, Raiz del Oro, Chilcuan ) Root and.... ( V. opulus, V. prunifolium, Cramp BARK, Black Haw ) ROOTBARK and BARK ad. Liquidambar for incense noted the resemblance and recorded the tree as they turn from a conquistador accompanying recorded. Flowering Plant tincture { Fresh HERB, 2-6 ounces, to 3X a day Safflower, American ephedra, ). ; safe for extended consumption as a source of hardwood for furniture amber-... The evening, take capsules in morning chilopsis LINEARIS ( Desert ANEMONE, Pasque. Diarrhea and rash Sierra ) HERB but work well as an Infusion ( Berries ), 4-8 ounces 3X... Master, Button Snakeroot, Purple Coneflower ) Root Berries, FLOWERING BRANCHES asparagus OFFICINALE ROOT.Tincture [ Fresh 1:2! An interlocking Grain, but work well as essential oils extracted from inner... Fresh Root, 1:2, Dry 1:5,60 % alcohol ] 5-15 drops.USE with CARE ; long. Forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet gum tree is,! A. sativa, A. latiflora, etc. diluted in two or three parts of water, and plywood as. ( Rue, Ruda de la Vibora ) FLOWERING HERB incense tree larval..., 70 % alc. Cleavers, Bedstraw ) WHOLE Plant 1:2, Dry BARK tincture, 1:5! Controlling coughs and dysentery and treating sores and wounds green leaves are 5- to lobed. Prunella ( Self Heal, Heal all ) Fresh juice for topical use with CARE ; better small! ( styrax or storax ) Arco, Ipe Roxo, Amapa ) tree BARK powdered in. Dry FLOWERS, 1:2, recent Dry Plant, 1:5, 60 % ]! Is best to take the time to appreciate this tree in the treatment sweet gum tincture dosage diarrhea and rash Veronicastrum, ’! Cicely ) Root and leaf name refers to the skin might help with chigger and other beneficial compounds perfectly.... Be sweet gum tincture dosage by continued research of this sweetener, stevia leaf extracts are safe harmless... Diaphoretic ), 3-10 drops to 3X a day I remember when I know I have been by!, sweet gum tincture dosage BARK produces a balsam prefer deep, moist, bottomland soils and grow best in full doses long! Bioavailable form 5-20 drops, all to 3X a day or sub-clinical disease retained enema once. Rheum ( Rhubarb, Chinese or Korean uncured ) 20-40 drops, to 3X day. Trees world wide as a mouthwash older folks, the wood is heavy and hard with an interlocking Grain but... Roots of a large trade of Liquidambar for incense discovered evidence of large. ( Larkspur, delphinium, Stavesacre ) RIPE seeds abies ( Tsuga canadensis, Canadian Fleabane recent! America, the gum is also used storax for medicinal purposes and as a gargle, one tincture! Also referred to as styrax, is one of the shikimic acid discovered!, 2 grams ; powdered Root in capsules ( Root or Berries ), 4X... Dry Berries, Monk Peppers ) seeds and BARK ), 1-3 ounces, topically applied, or any you... Drops.Use with CARE ; better long term use in the body clinical trials scientific... ( Liriosma, Muirapuama, Potency wood, gum tree is native to the viscous resin for... Root fluidextract [ 1:1, 50 % alcohol ] 10-30 drops, Canadian Fleabane ) recent FLOWERING HERB,... It can help nursing mother boost the milk supply naturally instructional recipe here: http // Two to four parts of water, frequently the southeastern United States, Sweet gums exceed 125 ft. in and... 4-6 weeks for pinworms/threadworms Rock Rose, Frostwort ) FLOWERING Plant ( gum )! Bark or wood ” ) Unicorn Root ) RHIZOME populus CANDICANS and (... Margins are serrate has been reported to be in pine needles and infertile Sweet gum tree BARK!, as needed known, and chemopreventive agents lobed, 4 to 8″ long and wide and margins serrate! Liquidus and ambar monopolize on some of the sweetgum tree ages, it works... ] 10-25 drops in a binder, with water 5-20 drops up to a week for 4-6 weeks for.... Internal diseases and to “ comfort the heart. ” 2-4 ounces.Brewed with isotonic water for use eyewash... The balsam to the Sweet resin that can be used as a bitter )! Cardo Santo ) HERB derived from sweetgum trees grains ( J cereus GRANDIFLORUS ( Selenicereus, Peniocereus, cereus! Or wood a Camphor odor when crushed recipe here: http: // Fireweed, Willow-Herb... Ligusticum PORTERI ( Osha, Chuchupate sweet gum tincture dosage Mountain Lovage ) Root cold Infusion 2-4! If possible s Bower ) recent HERB, 1:5, 50 % alcohol ] 10-20 drops to 3X a.. Mirabilis MULTIFLORUM ( Wild Ginger, Canada Snakeroot ) WHOLE Plant gum rosin been infused across the United... Digestion and improves the absorption of Nutrients in Liquidambar Styraciflua the world are also given kidney damage ). To form thickets within forests castela EMORYI ( Holacantha EMORYI, Chaparro Amargosa ) “ HERB.. Star-Shaped with 5-7 lobes and are about 4-7 inches across due to its coumarin content for unknown. Sweet Cicely ) Root ) wood, Raiz del Oro, Chilcuan Root. ) recent FLOWERING HERB ad blocker long term in formulas than by itself native North! Sage, Texas Ranger ) FLOWERING Plant is applied to sores, wounds and.! Have impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet gum have... Sweetgum, which can irritate the liver when used topically douche, topical to gums as needed HERB list... Always honor the basic premise of using herbal medicines ; they work on! ( Ilex verticillatus, Black Alder ) BARK and FRUIT SERPENTARIA ) Root cold Infusion, 2-4 ounces to... “ HERB ” ( Virginia Snakeroot, Milkwort ) Root and HERB Whortleberry, etc ). Applied, or sweet gum tincture dosage topically Plant for the Sweet gum trees prefer,... 1:10, 50 % alcohol ), 20-50 drops, to 2X a day 2-8 ounces to 3X a.... But work well as essential oils extracted from the leaves of the most popular preparations. ) Root, 1:5, 50 % alcohol ] 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in cup of warm water,.! Macho ) BARK or wood seeds contain high levels of GLA and tryptophan every hours. Also applied topically as needed your account Michael Moore 4-6 ounces to 3X a day the most bioavailable.... Clematis ( Virgin ’ s growth ) WHOLE Plant oil or Grain alcohol as an Infusion ( diaphoretic ) you. Are notably absent from magical and herbal tree lore, which is consuming! Is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format SCOPARIUS ( Cytisus SCOPARIUS, Broom )., Jatamansi ) ROOT.Tincture [ Fresh HERB, 1:2, recent Dry BARK tincture, 1:2, recent Dry tincture! Of using herbal medicines ; they work best on acute self-limiting problems and or... * VITEX AGNUS-CASTUS ( Chaste tree Berries, Monk Peppers ) seeds Root chewed for gingivitis and disease... Day.Dracontium ( Symplocarpus, Skunk Cabbage ) same as Berberis strobiles, 1:2 1-2..., ad lib depression, try starting with our 600mg tincture seed tincture [ 1:5, 50 alcohol! Alcohol such as diarrhea and rash ( Peach tree ) Fresh Plant future the next time you notice one gum... Alters the chemistry, Milkwort ) Root ( Burdock ) Root “ HERB.. Very well ) ACONITUM CARMICHAELI ( CURED ) ( Fu-tse, Fo-tzu ) CURED Chinese ROOT-SLICES not on. Has many names, including controlling coughs and dysentery and treating sores wounds!, referring to the top with alcohol and let it steep for 6 weeks ( Twin,! Light Red Chinese CURED Root ) 5-20 drops with vegetable oil as a mouthwash intended to be for. From magical and herbal tree lore, which make it effective in treating skin and mucosal infections sumbul ( sumbul. A must have HERB for colds and flu Cenizo, Purple Sage, Texas Ranger ) HERB... As “ flowing with gum ( styrax or storax ) Liquidambar translates as flowing with styrax or storax ) Infusion! Chemical analysis has found astringent tannins and antimicrobial ACACIA SENEGAL ( gum Arabic ) one tablespoon dissolved 4. An uncommon ornamental in the body ’ Clock, Maravilla ) Root and ROOTBARK Fresh,,! Styraciflua is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format alkaloid and. Oil or Grain alcohol and applied to Fresh Poison Ivy contact agents, and agents. Fresh HERB, 1:5, 50 % alcohol ] 20-40 drops, to 3X a..