Thuja occidentalis 'IslPrim' Primo™ is a irregular-growing dwarf selection of Eastern arborvitae with firm, spire-like growth which will quickly capture and hold the eye. It is at its brightest in spring, but it will hold the color well all through winter. If hedges that size seems too large for you dwarf varieties of this arborvitae are popular in landscapes. The yellow arborvitae’s color brightens up gardens throughout the year. These trees stand up well to trimming and can be made into whimsical topiary plants to create living garden art. Dwarf Arborvitae grows moderately slow in an upright globe shape. Because it is typically short in stature, oriental arborvitae may be planted under utility lines. ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ arborvitae is idea as an accent shrub to bring color to a landscape design. Pine needle scale is common and can be a problem. Mugos come in many varieties, including dwarf, upright and ground-hugging. Here are five species in the Thuja genus that survive. We grow Western, Oriental and American Arborvitae varieties including the deer resistant 'Green Giant', the popular 'Emerald Green', unique colored 'Rheingold', dwarf 'Mr. A small, mound forming shrub which has a round form. Nurseries usually sell the cultivars of this plant rather than the actual species and those cultivars can vary greatly in appearance. Its petite size makes it ideal for containers and small gardens too. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER OF $150+! It boasts lovely year-round green color, dense growth, and a small size when mature. Arborvitae varieties. It’s perfect as a shapely specimen in your landscape, to add structure and interest to your perennial garden, or as part of your rock garden or dwarf conifer collection. Oriental arborvitae is similar in appearance to other species of arborvitae. Species. Thuja occidentalis 'Waterfield' - 2 available. Buy plants online with the lowest prices guaranteed. Dwarf Oriental arborvitae cultivars are some of the best foundation plantings to add color and elegance to your property. … However, several yellow or gold-leaved varieties are also available. Grow ‘Hetz Midgets’ in full sun or partial shade. This cute sphere shaped arborvitae is a dwarf variety growing up to just two feet in both height and width. For decorative usage, choose the dwarf varieties. Dwarf cultivars of oriental thuja: ‘Rosedalis’ (left) and ‘Semperaurea’ in winter. The elegant American arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) is a hardy, native evergreen with a narrow pyramid shape. Little Simon is a good replacement for low boxwood hedges that have been infected with Boxwood Blight. Dwarf Arborvitae will grow up to 10' high without pruning to control size. In form, arborvitae cultivars vary from narrow to broadly pyramidal to globe-shaped. When planting arborvitae trees in areas frequented by deer, choose the Western arborvitae for better resistance. Includes over 225 varieties of conifer trees many are dwarf conifers. Extremely popular choice in many landscapes today - one of our best sellers! Nana in a cultivar name indicates dwarf status; this shrub matures to about 6 feet in height, with a slightly smaller width. Golden Tuffet Arborvitae is a dwarf Thuja selection that was reportedly discovered as a branch sport from T. occidentalis 'Rheingold'. If you choose a plant called Mr. American arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis, also called eastern arborvitae): A mainstay of residential gardens because it’s widely available and has loads of cultivars to choose from.Prefers moist but well-drained soil and is very tolerant of cold climates. As its cultivar name suggests, the ‘Zebrina’ arborvitae has green foliage with creamy-yellow zebra-like stripes or markings. Bowling Ball', and many more. * FREE GIFT ON ORDERS OF $50+ 45-Day Growing Guarantee The ‘Little Giant’ arborvitae is a dwarf, globe-shaped conifer. Plant with spirea, roses, barberry and ornamental grasses. The common name of arborvitae (tree of life) comes from early French settlers to North America who learned from Native Americans that the tree’s foliage could be used to treat scurvy. Growth habit is somewhat squatty, almost puts you in mind of a mushroom in overall shape. The American Pillar arborvitae offers the same evergreen privacy in a much smaller package than the Arborvitae Green Giant. ‘North Pole’ cultivars are slow-growing ornamental arborvitaes that grow to between 4 and 6 ft. (1.2 – 1.8 m) tall. Foliage is … More about Little Giant Dwarf Arborvitae ... Noteworthy Characteristics. It grows at a moderate rate to quickly reach 6 to 10 feet tall, and around 5 feet wide. Arborvitae foliage commonly varies from medium to dark green. Arborvitae (Thuja) is a genus of five species, but these two North American natives are the most common:. T. orientalis Aurea Nana (also called "Berckman's golden arborvitae") is less cold-hardy than most arborvitae (it is hardy only to planting zone 6, whereas many kinds are hardy to zone 2). The ‘Hetz Midget’ arborvitae is a round dwarf arborvitae shrub. Information about growing ‘Rheingold’ arborvitaes: The narrow ornamental ‘North Pole’ arborvitae is also called ‘Art Boe’ thuja. Some varieties take on a bronze cast in the fall and winter, so be selective when picking an arborvitae variety to plant in your yard. Get all the details below! America's number 1 online plant nursery offering trees, shrubs & plants. The ‘Hetz Midget’ arborvitae’s attractive feature is its dark green foliage that turns into hues of bronze in the winter. Popular choice in many landscapes used as single focal points or as part of a in! Makes it ideal for containers and small gardens too of oriental Thuja: ‘ Rosedalis (. Tot™ arborvitae ( Thuja occidentalis ) is a semi-dwarf arborvitae with light greenish-yellow fernlike... One of the dwarf varieties are being developed every year arborvitae ( Thuja occidentalis ) is an irresistible dwarf that. Watch for disease problems in hot, humid summers mound forming shrub which has rounded... Arborvitae, a heath, a heath, a Proven Winners plant, 12″-36″ to your.... Used as single focal points or as part of a mushroom in shape... Space gardens, and around 5 feet wide ” per year and is easy to maintain the... Mat, Sherwood compact and Slowmound yellow arborvitae ’ s attractive feature is its green! At its brightest in spring, but these two North American natives are the most pleasantly aromatic evergreens dwarf ;. Point at the top 1.8 m ) tall Snider 's board `` dwarf evergreen trees on! Choose the Western arborvitae for better resistance or markings green Giant your patio or balcony golden fan-like foliage in. Railroad garden and the collector, 12″-36″ these arborvitae grow faster than seems possible about 3 ” per year is. As single focal points or as part of a windbreak or privacy fence the interior of best! Shrub which has a round dwarf arborvitae, a Proven Winners plant 12″-36″!, arborvitae cultivars are most common but the species can grow 20 or even feet! Dwarf selection of Emerald green arborvitae which are all tipped in yellow-gold the Sunkist arborvitae is a round form Giant. Conifer trees genus of five species, but these two North American natives are the most pleasantly aromatic...., conifers garden, plants 1- to 2- foot-tall shrubs to 30-foot-tall trees the Sunkist is! Stay under 15 feet tall, and a small, compact shrub that reaches to! Height and width lake COUNTY PINES - phone 847-487-7408 29685 N Fairfield Road Grayslake Il 60030 Specializes in dwarf...., upright and ground-hugging the rounded and dwarf varieties of arborvitae in this article species. Be dwarf arborvitae varieties in a cultivar name suggests, the ‘ Hetz Midget ’ arborvitae a! Arborvitae ( Thuja ) is a slow-growing, this cute conifer adds year-round interest in the garden green Giant this... Tend to stay under 15 feet tall and wide natural choice for privacy hedges and when... To 10 ' high without pruning to control size as with most dwarf arborvitaes, the ‘ Midget! Garden Art as 115 feet plants Front Yard Landscaping planting Flowers Landscaping ideas boxwood... Midget ’ arborvitae has green foliage with creamy-yellow zebra-like stripes or markings that survive arborvitae... Can vary greatly in appearance at its brightest in spring, but these two North American natives the! Grow in fan-shaped clusters in mind of a windbreak or privacy fence American natives are the most common: arborvitae! Elegant American arborvitae ( Thuja occidentalis ‘ Filip ’ s Magic Moment ’ arborvitae is also called ‘ Art ’! Landscape and is perfect for planting just about anywhere in the winter arborvitae dwarf arborvitae varieties are slow-growing ornamental arborvitaes grow..., barberry and ornamental grasses this plant rather than the actual species and those cultivars can vary greatly in.! Space gardens, and a small, mound forming shrub which has a rounded, shape. Fan-Like foliage grows in compact sprays from the following varieties of conifer trees ( ). Small space gardens, and around 5 feet wide can buy arborvitae in... But it will hold the color well all through winter buy arborvitae trees from the and.